Leaving school at 16 and getting a job in a golf club isn't how many people get into the wine trade, but that is how Nick Stacy did.  When at the golf club, Stacy got into wine by spending his pay cheque on iconic wines such as Penfold's Grange (bought for $24 per bottle apparently!).  His father thought him mad, but this was his new passion and it led Nick to starting his own wine business which he managed to sell to Moet & Chandon in 2003.  

Nick came up with the idea for Vinaceous early on, but sat on the idea for a while.  He wanted to make a wine that visually stood out, but had a liquid in the bottle that would stand up to critics and deliver pleasure to the consumer.  Buying grapes from all over Australia from contract growers, and then making them into wine in one of two wineries, they are then packed in quite distinctive looking bottles.  The marketing idea behind the design is to polarise people, to stir a response be it positive or negative about these unique adornments.  All the labels are based on real people, some are Nick's ex girlfriends, others are people that he has met on his travels that left an impression on him, and even Nick's dad gets in on the act with the Raconteur character being based on him!  But what about the wine?

With winemaker Michael Kerrigan as one of the partners, the quality was never going to be in doubt.  I've liked Kerrigan's wines for a while now, particularly his lovely Margaret River wines from Hayshed Hill so his pedigree has a lot going for it!  So, all you have to ask is 'do I like the labels?' and even if the answer is 'no', you should still try the wine!  They reflect the terroir of the area they are grown in and are well priced - what more can you want?!

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A&D Wines Monologo P 67 Avesso White 75cl
Tasting Note: A fresh aromatic profile, with white flowers thyme and citrus. There is passion fruit too. On the palate it is smooth and silky, hints of guava and pear. Will age well. Producer: A&D are proud of their land,...
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Abbe Rous Chardonnay 2020 75cl
Tasting Note: Light and fresh with a little bit of oxidised notes coming out. Now there was a year that we had a guy living above the shop who had a penchant for 'herbal cigarettes' so every so often there would...
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Abbe Rous Matifoc Rancio Sec 75cl
Tasting Note: Buckle up, this is strange! Dry, sherried aromas, very salty with cashew nut aromas. The palate is nicely balanced, it is very clean, tasty. This thing is almost indestructable as it is oxidised, so can't go off anymore!...
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9% offAilsa Bay 70cl

Ailsa Bay 70cl

£49.95 £54.95

A lovely peat mixed with vanille some creamy toffee and then some freshly buttered toast on the finish with a very light smearing of marmalade. Family Owned
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Alodio Joven 2017 75cl
Aromatic with a hint of peppery spice and vibrant minerality. Very fresh and exuberant black & red summer fruits on the palate and a long dry finish.
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Alphabetical Sauvignon Blanc 2020 75cl
Tasting Note: Like shoving sweet, ripe peaches in your face and then thrusting your head into a beehive! All ripe stone fruit, honey coated and perfectly balanced. A joy. Producer: Top quality fruit and a helping hand from Craig Hawkins...
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Alphabetical Syrah 2019 75cl
Tasting Note: Autumnal Blackberries still sitting on the bush, flowers, rich warm earth and a nibble of cocoa as well. Imagine eating some dark chocolate and picking brambles. Thats about it! Producer: Top quality fruit and a helping hand from...
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Alphabetical Wine Vin Blanc Ordinaire 2018 75cl
Tasting Note: More fruit than a packet of Opal Fruits (Starburst) poured into a bowl of fruit salad. Stone fruit, some herby notes too and just a gorgeous, easy food pairing wine. Producer: Top quality fruit and a helping hand...
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Andreas Bender Dajoar Riesling 2018 75cl
A bright, fresh Riesling with loads of apple, yellow plum and lemon aromas. The palate is full of these fruits, with a wonderful bright mineral note - almost like that wonderfully chalky flavour of a Rennie indigestion tablet... that isn't...
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Angeline Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 75cl
Peter's thoughts: "It is rich, loads of blueberries and freshly picked blackberries. The palate is balanced, a spicy note with a core of tobacco and leather and an elegant long finish. 90/100"  Growing up in the San Joaquin Valley and...
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Angeline Vineyards Chardonnay 2018 75cl
Peter's thoughts: "So my supplier sent me the wrong vintage to try, so this arrived and I hadn't tasted it, so this is my review on the 2017 vintage. Oak is there with a burnt butter aroma, a bit like...
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Only 1 leftAntonio Vallana e Figlio Campi Raudii NV 75cl
Tasting Note: The Campi Raudii label epitomises the proliferation of old vineyard names which existed in their grandfather’s time, now buried under strict labelling bureaucracy. ‘Campi Raudii’ is one of the ancient Latin names for Alto Piemonte, which roughly translates...
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Armas de Guerra Blanco 2019 75cl
"Straw yellow with aromac white flowers and peach with hints of jasmine. The finish is very elegant and silky". Armas de Guerra was founded in 1879 and is one of the oldest wineries in Spain. Armas de Guerra translates to...
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Armas de Guerra Rosado 2020 75cl
"Summer pudding on the nose with a lovely onion skin pink colour. The finish is crisp and mouthwatering". Armas de Guerra was founded in 1879 and is one of the oldest wineries in Spain. Armas de Guerra translates to ‘Weapons...
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Arran 1995 Bourbon Private Cask 70cl
From the first year that the Arran distillery produced whisky, this is surely going to become a wonderful collectors item, but is also a very tasty whisky. Only 172 bottles of this whisky were produced.
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Bannockburn Vineyards 1314AD Pinot Noir 2019 75cl
Fresh medium weight forest fruits are offset by subtle whole bunch lift. Acid is enough to cleanse the palate; the gentle and perfumed nature of the harvest is to the fore, with French oak subtly contributing both aromatics and structure....
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Bannockburn Vineyards Douglas 2016 75cl
Deep crimson, black olives, cherry, dark chocolate, delicately scented violets, fine powdery tannins, a medium-bodied palate weight and satisfying length. A dry and relatively warm growing season, with budburst and consequently harvest being earlier than long term averages. The 2016...
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Baron d'Ardeuil Buzet Blanc 2019 75cl
The Buzet co-operative was founded in 1953, with the Côtes de Buzet being awarded full appellation status in 1973. The name was simplified to Buzet from the 1988 vintage. Today, the appellation is a virtual monopoly with the co- operative...
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Barrat Masson Fleur de Craie NV 75cl
Tasting Note: "100% Chardonnay, 0g/ltr. Produced at the real southern extremes of the Champagne region. This wine is brilliantly clean with a lazer-like palate and notes of lemon peel and chalk. Beautiful grip and length."  Producer: Aurelie and Loic set...
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