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Leaving school at 16 and getting a job in a golf club isn't how many people get into the wine trade, but that is how Nick Stacy did.  When at the golf club, Stacy got into wine by spending his pay cheque on iconic wines such as Penfold's Grange (bought for $24 per bottle apparently!).  His father thought him mad, but this was his new passion and it led Nick to starting his own wine business which he managed to sell to Moet & Chandon in 2003.  

Nick came up with the idea for Vinaceous early on, but sat on the idea for a while.  He wanted to make a wine that visually stood out, but had a liquid in the bottle that would stand up to critics and deliver pleasure to the consumer.  Buying grapes from all over Australia from contract growers, and then making them into wine in one of two wineries, they are then packed in quite distinctive looking bottles.  The marketing idea behind the design is to polarise people, to stir a response be it positive or negative about these unique adornments.  All the labels are based on real people, some are Nick's ex girlfriends, others are people that he has met on his travels that left an impression on him, and even Nick's dad gets in on the act with the Raconteur character being based on him!  But what about the wine?

With winemaker Michael Kerrigan as one of the partners, the quality was never going to be in doubt.  I've liked Kerrigan's wines for a while now, particularly his lovely Margaret River wines from Hayshed Hill so his pedigree has a lot going for it!  So, all you have to ask is 'do I like the labels?' and even if the answer is 'no', you should still try the wine!  They reflect the terroir of the area they are grown in and are well priced - what more can you want?!

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