Because we deal with many producers throughout the world, and our range is constantly changing, it is impractical and impossible to know all the allergens in all of our products. Here is a guide.

Sulphur Take it as guaranteed that all our products do contain sulphur and those that have no added sulphur will be marked, but please note they may contain naturally occurring sulphur

Fish Any wine or beer marked 'Vegan' or 'Vegetarian' will not contain any fish based products for fining.

Gluten All beers will contain gluten, and those that are marked as Gluten free may still give an allergic reaction depending on their production methods.

Egg Any wine marked 'Vegan' will not contain any egg products but those marked 'Vegetarian' may.

Milk Any wine marked 'Vegan' will not contain any milk products but those marked 'Vegetarian' may.

Any of the other main allergens are unlikely to be contained in wine or beer but may be. If you have questions about a specific product, please look at the producer's website for further information. You can also get more information by visiting WebMd's website by clicking here