Charities & Donations

We have a very strict policy regarding charitable donations due to the huge numbers of requests that we receive for support. We'd love to support everything, but we'd simply go bust in doing so!

What we don't do: We do not give bottles for raffles or donations to auctions. We have had to take this position as we receive more than fifty requests per month. Similarly, we do not do event sponsorship. We are a small, family run company and simply cannot give you thousands of pounds!

What we can do: Events - it is what we are good at. Get a venue, arrange a tasting, charge people £10 per head to come along, and we will only charge you our cost price for the wine.

It means that on the evening, we will not make any money, you get at least £5 of each ticket price for your charity and everyone will have a great time and try some great wine. We think this is great deal and we offer it to everyone coming in asking for a raffle prize and very few people take us up on the offer!

What we already doWe select a few charities each year that are close to our hearts. We have one collection tin on our counter (this year it is the RNLI), we have donated a unique bottling of St Andrews Whisky Company whisky to Maggies Centres and will be supporting the The Royal British Legion this November.