I never thought that I'd have to write about delays in wine, but the world has gone a bit barmy and so I thought it a good idea to let you know why!


There are delays getting goods through customs. This is solely down to the increased paperwork that importers have due to Brexit resulting in more British paperwork not paperwork added by the EU. Therefore shipments are getting to UK bonded warehouses, but are getting delayed in administration. Certain wines, and wine offers, may therefore be delayed from when we said the wine would be available.

Dry Goods

Producers are facing 'dry goods' shortages throughout the EU. These are cardboard boxes, bottles, labels etc, more than likely due to the war that is happening within Europe and therefore existing EU producers are being stretched due to demand.

UK deliveries

Due to the cost of fuel, we are seeing more deliveries both into our shop and out of our shop 'hubbed' together and, strangely, split. Therefore some deliveries will be held until the carrier thinks that it is cost effective to send multiple orders, and also shipments with multiple boxes are being split to fill up spaces on trucks. If your order is multiple boxes, please don't be alarmed if one or more boxes are missing, just drop me an email and I'll confirm the situation for you.

Sorry that we are faced with these problems, but they are completely outwith our control. I may be able to do many things, but international political wrangling is not one of them!