I'm very conscious that we all need to reduce the amount of waste we create, and where we can't reduce waste, make it as environmentally friendly as possible.


We use cardboard boxes, supplied by DHL, that have cardboard inserts to ship our wine to you. These are entirely recyclable, but also incredibly useful for storing wine as well. Instead of emptying your case of wine and recycling the box, we suggest you cut the top off the box, turn the box on its side and use it as a cardboard wine rack.

We attempt to reuse all cardboard boxes when we are making local deliveries.


We always recycle the minimal glass and paper waste that is created in the shop. We rarely send anything to landfill.


We use biodegradable plastic carrier bags that will disappear to nothingness in six months. We have to use plastic as they are tougher than paper and the carbon footprint is smaller than paper bags that will carry the same weight. We also try to encourage people to take cardboard boxes instead if they are buying more than three bottles.