Our online shop isn’t like everyone else’s.  Going onto a webshop and having a really impersonal tasting note thrown at you from a range of thousands of wines isn’t really a good way of being recommended a wine.  Sure, you can build up a mixed case and get it sent to your home within 24 hours, but there is no personal suggestions, no real advice and no actual person saying “this wine is fabulous” - there is no service.

So rather than offer you our entire inventory on our website, we are choosing a few products at a time that we think offer outstanding value and exceptional quality.  They will be available for a limited time, sometimes in limited quantities but will all have a personal recommendation from one of our staff and a really good price.  We'll be putting more on throughout the month so make sure you keep coming back to see what new drinks we've put on here.


Here is how it works

  1. Choose the products that you wish to purchase, noting the offer date and the stock available date, and then place and pay for your order.

  2. We will collate all the orders together during the time the offer is available and get one large shipment from the producer or supplier.  This will ensure we get the best possible prices, which will be passed onto you.

  3. Once we have collated the orders, we’ll then ship the wine to our store in St Andrews and let you know your bottles have arrived.

You then have three choices.

  1. If you live in or near St Andrews, or plan on visiting the town, you can collect your wines regardless of quantity ordered.  We can also deliver to you in the local area for free.  Please get in touch to arrange this.
  2. If you have bought 12 bottles or more, we will contact you to arrange to ship your wine to you at cost price.  If you would like a quote for this before placing your order, please get in touch.

  3. If you have bought less than 12 bottles, we will either ship it for you at cost price or we will store your bottles for you until you have built up a 12 bottle case from as many offers as you wish over as long a time as you wish.   

Once you decide to ship your wine, it can be with you the very next day, ready for you to put in your cellar or reach for the corkscrew.   Couldn’t be simpler!  


Deliveries to Scottish islands and Northern Ireland will attract additional delivery costs.  Please contact us here to find out more.

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