Be part of an elite group of wine buffs who gets access to small parcels of wine not available on our website or in the shop.

Here is how it works

I get offered a small parcel of some fantastic wine.

I then select a number of people from within the secret society that I think will like the wine based on their other purchases and offer them an allocation. You may get offered a lot, you might only get offered occasionally, it really just depends on what I’m offered and what your purchase history is.

You can choose whether to take that allocation or not.

If you don’t, the wine will then be offered to other members. Please note that your not taking an allocation will not penalise you from future offers, I don't want you to feel that you have to take something in case you miss something further down the line. Remember this is an opportunity to thank you for your ongoing custom, not a hard sell. 

How do you become a member?

It is invitation only. If you are a new customer, please do sign up to be considered for the secret society by emailing me here, but you won’t be offered anything unless you have placed a few orders. The Secret Society is a reward to our regular customers not people wanting to get parcels of special wine and nothing else. Please note, this isn’t based on how much you spend or how regularly you order, it is just to establish you are a repeating customer and so we can see what your wine passions are so we can make sure you get relevant offers.

If you are an existing customer and want to sign up, just drop me an email and let me know. We will be contacting a lot of existing customers directly to offer them the chance to be a member but if you want to make sure you are included, do drop me an email.