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Founded in the 1950s by Jacques Selosse, his son Anselme is now in charge of the estate after taking over in 1980.  These wines are often described as 'Burgundy with bubbles' as Anselme studied at the Lycée viticole de Beaune and was one of the first producers to apply Burgundian technique to Champagne.

As a grower, Anselme has control over all the vineyards that contribute fruit to his wines.  When he took over he slashed yields and became biodynamic, and focused on the Grand Cru vineyards in Avize, Cramant and Oger.   He uses minimal sulphur, only uses natural yeasts and as Anselme says "great Champagne needs no make-up", he keeps dosage to a minimum.

If you are a Champagne lover, you must try his wines at some point in your lives, and (unlike a lot of people you will see on the internet) we actually have the wines in stock!