Environmental Policy

Recycling Policy

We use cardboard boxes, supplied by DHL, that have cardboard inserts to ship our wine to you. These are entirely recyclable, but also incredibly useful for storing wine as well. Instead of emptying your case of wine and recycling the box, we suggest you cut the top off the box, turn the box on its side and use it as a cardboard wine rack.

We attempt to reuse all cardboard boxes when we are making local deliveries.

Recycling Policy

We always recycle the minimal glass and paper waste that is created in the shop. We rarely send anything to landfill.

Carrier Bags

We use biodegradable plastic carrier bags that will disappear to nothingness in six months. We have to use plastic as they are tougher than paper and the carbon footprint is smaller than paper bags that will carry the same weight. We also try to encourage people to take cardboard boxes instead if they are buying more than three bottles.


Allergens, Vegetarian & Vegan Products

There are a few products that are used in the production of wine that you need to be aware of should you be allergic to them or are vegetarian or vegan. See our vegetarian and vegan pages for more information.

Information on Allergens

Milk & Eggs Milk and egg whites can be used to filter wine or remove tannin. These may be used in the production of vegetarian wines, but vegan wines will not contain them. 
Isinglass This is made from fish swim bladders and is used to fine wine. This will not be used in either vegetarian or vegan wines.
Nuts Sometimes winemakers will add tannin to a wine, and this may be derived from nuts.
Sulphites 'Sulphites' is a term for sulphur dioxide (SO2) which is a preservative widely used in winemaking but is also a natural by product of the yeast metabolism during fermentation. Therefore, even a wine that has not had SO2 added can still contain sulphates.
Am I allergic to sulphites? Well we aren't doctors, so we'd suggest that you visit one. However, if you eat any of these foods and are fine, it is unlikely you are allergic to sulphites as they contain far more SO2 than wine does: dried fruits, fruit yoghurts, bottled lemon juice, fruit juices and jams. Also breads and food items containing vinegar such as mayonnaise, pickles or sauces, processed potatoes, potato starches, anything containing stock cubes or dried onions, dried mushrooms or dried garlic.

The main symptoms of a sulphite allergy include wheezing, shortness of breath, nausea, stomach cramps, low blood pressure, tingling sensations, shock and loss of consciousness - very rarely a headache.

So what am I allergic to? The likelihood is that you are allergic to Amines. These are formed by the breakdown of proteins in food and if you are allergic, these can cause sever headaches. Wine can contain higher concentrations of these than foods like cheese (particularly aged), horseradish, chocolate and fish.

ALL allergen advice given on this website is based on the information given to us by our suppliers and producers. We advise that you independently research each product fully yourself before you purchase from this website to protect yourself from consuming a product you do not wish or are allergic to.  By purchasing wines from St Andrews Wine Company, you acknowledge that St Andrews Wine Company Ltd and any of its affiliated companies are not liable for any allergic reaction and/or consumption of a product that goes against any lifestyle or dietary choice.


Charity & Donations

We have a very strict policy regarding charitable donations due to the huge numbers of requests that we receive for support. We'd love to support everything, but we'd simply go bust in doing so!

What we don't do We do not give bottles for raffles or donations to auctions. We have had to take this position as we receive more than fifty requests per month. Similarly, we do not do event sponsorship. We are a small, family run company and simply cannot give you thousands of pounds!

What we can do Events - it is what we are good at. Get a venue, arrange a tasting, charge people £10 per head to come along, and we will only charge you our cost price for the wine.

It means that on the evening, we will not make any money, you get at least £5 of each ticket price for your charity and everyone will have a great time and try some great wine. We think this is great deal and we offer it to everyone coming in asking for a raffle prize and very few people take us up on the offer!

What we already do We also launched the John Wood Christmas Appeal in memory of my father, which receives donations and spare change and then gives the money to families who struggle at Christmas, the most financially stretched time of the year. The idea of this is just to make their Christmas a little easier.


Shipping Costs

Our Shipping costs are charged at our cost price. 

We use DHL for our shipping, and they insure all parcels, so in the unlikely event that the parcel is broken, as soon as we are made aware of this, we will send a replacement parcel to you.


1-12 bottles : £14

13-24 bottles: £25

25 bottles or more: We will send you a quote

If you live in remote parts of the UK or, if your order requires additional shipping charges, we reserve the right to contact you for further payment.

We are unable to ship wine internationally.



Defence Discount Service

We offer a 10% discount to people in the military. Show your ID when you come into the shop to receive your discount.


We offer ordained members of churches a 10% discount on wine and 5% on beer and spirits.

University of St Andrews Wine Tasting Team

10% off wine

Crail & Elie Wine Tasting Club

10% off wine 

Various University of St Andrews Clubs and Societies

See in store for details

Only one discount may be used at any given time and is not applicable to products already reduced or on a promotion.