Older Wines

If you haven't explored the world of older wines, I suggest you give them a shot. As wine matures, more complex, evolved flavours develop and you get an entirely different style of wine to what you might be used to.

All our wines come direct from the producer, unless stated, so the provenance is impeccable.

Please note that these wines, and any wine over 10 years old, is exempt from our returns policy and we will accept returns only on a case by case basis.

Things you need to know about older wines

The corks may fall apart when you are opening them. That is normal, just bash at it a bit with a corkscrew, then filter the cork out with a coffee filter. We will not accept "the cork fell apart" as a valid reason for returning the wine!

Don't expect big bold flavours - you aren't going to get them. If a wine is flawed then there are very clear aromas that show the wine is flawed, having subtle savoury flavours as opposed to big jammy ones is not a flaw! 

Caves de Sao Joao Frei Joao 1985 75cl
"A delightful red wine - with decades ageing it has savoury notes, a delicious spice and dried berries galore. Superb and fun." Caves de Sao Joao started in 1930, producing sparkling wines. They have an extensive range of old wines,...
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Chateau Siaurac 2014 75cl
"Attractive truffle, graphite and plum notes intermixed with mocha and black cherry cascade from the glass of this supple, chunky, fleshy wine. There is good glycerin, purity and overall character to this wine, which can be drunk over the next...
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Calem Vintage Port 1985 75cl
A delicious mature vintage port from this brilliant (and underrated) producer. Rich red berries with some sexy spicy flavours coming out, it builds with chocolate notes and then some brandy hints on the finish. Just lovely.
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Pereira d'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira 2000 75cl
"Burnt Christmas tree on the nose, mint and then a lighter honey aroma coming off. Orange emerges from the palate with some rosemary and mint. A fresh style of Madeira, balancing out the acidity and sweetness perfectly." 91/100 Peter's Points
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Arran 1995 Bourbon Private Cask 70cl
From the first year that the Arran distillery produced whisky, this is surely going to become a wonderful collectors item, but is also a very tasty whisky. Only 172 bottles of this whisky were produced.
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Only 1 leftChateau Siran 1983 Jeroboam 6l
"This bottle came to us straight from the Chateau, and while we've not tried it, having sampled various vintages of this wine before, I know it is going to be special. 1983 was a good year, overshadowed by the stellar...
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