Older Wines

If you haven't explored the world of older wines, I suggest you give them a shot. As wine matures, more complex, evolved flavours develop and you get an entirely different style of wine to what you might be used to.

All our wines come direct from the producer, unless stated, so the provenance is impeccable.

Please note that these wines, and any wine over 10 years old, is exempt from our returns policy and we will accept returns only on a case by case basis.

Things you need to know about older wines

The corks may fall apart when you are opening them. That is normal, just bash at it a bit with a corkscrew, then filter the cork out with a coffee filter. We will not accept "the cork fell apart" as a valid reason for returning the wine!

Don't expect big bold flavours - you aren't going to get them. If a wine is flawed then there are very clear aromas that show the wine is flawed, having subtle savoury flavours as opposed to big jammy ones is not a flaw! 

15% offChateau Maucaillou 2008 75cl
Tasting Note: A delicious, mature Bordeaux. Dusty with cherry, cinnamon bun and nutmeg aromas. A dry, dusty palate, soft and persistent with savoury flavours and great structure. Producer: Beginning in the 19th century when the Petit-Laroche family settled in a place called...
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Chateau Brillette 2002 75cl
Tasting Note: "Aniseed, cherry stone and sweet pipe tobacco flavours - a cracker from this Chateau in Moulis." Producer: Prior to the French Revolution, Chateau Brillette was the property of the Le Blanc Mauvezin family, which also owned Chateau Mauvezin in...
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La Demoiselle de Sociando-Mallet 2006 75cl
Tasting Note: Perfumed aromas with ripe cherries and a little bit of aniseed coming off. Some savoury notes on the palate with green chilli flavours mixed with cocoa and some silky tannins on the finish. Producer: Purchased in 1969 by Jean...
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Chateau Siaurac 2014 75cl
"Attractive truffle, graphite and plum notes intermixed with mocha and black cherry cascade from the glass of this supple, chunky, fleshy wine. There is good glycerin, purity and overall character to this wine, which can be drunk over the next...
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Chateau Sociando-Mallet 2007 75cl
Tasting Note: "Quite refined on the nose - moderately effusive plums, charcoal, and petricor. The complexity and refinement doesn’t quite connect on the palate, which never quite comes alive. Still, very classic Sociando profile - medium-bodied, with black plum and...
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Porto Pocas Vintage 2009 75cl
"Such a juicy, jammy young drinking port. Bold red fruit and an abundance of sweet spice." Pocas was founded just before the end of the First World War when Manoel Domingues Pocas Jr decided to set up his own port...
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Quinta da Devesa 20 Year White Port 50cl
Tasting Note: "Clean with complex aromas of almonds, honey, dried currants and warmed banana. A stunning rich white port." Producer: Quinta da Devesa was included in the first map of the Douro Demarcated Region, created by Baron Forrester in 1844. Acquired...
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Porto Pocas Colheita 1996 75cl
Medium tawny. Vanilla flavours, with scents of dried fruits. Fullbodied, with sweet tannins. Long and harmonious finish. Pocas was founded just before the end of the First World War when Manoel Domingues Pocas Jr decided to set up his own...
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Wiston Estate Brut 2015 75cl
“Very toasty nose. The barrel ageing has made a huge impact on this wine, nose and palate. It's rich and spicy, deeply golden in flavour, grilled brioche, golden peaches, satsumas and saffrom. It rolls across the tongue like a trumpet...
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Porto Pocas Vintage 1997 75cl
"Full red. Very rich of ripe red fruits. Notes of rock-rose and violets. Full bodied and rich on the palate, showing a remarkable, long lasting and persistent finish." Pocas was founded just before the end of the First World War...
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Chateau Poujeaux 1998 75cl
Tasting Note: Oh how I love this wine. I first tried it years ago when this wine was young and then I didn't sample it until this year again. Dusty, dry and with cherry stone and leather chairs on the nose,...
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Only 1 leftChateau Sigalas Rabaud 2004 75cl
"A lovely rich, fruity style of wine with loads of honey on the nose. The palate is so sexy, rich and yet with beautiful acidity, marmalade, sweet curry spice and really balanced." Château Sigalas Rabaud has been in the Sigalas...
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Quinta da Devesa 30 Year White Port 50cl
Tasting Note: "A complex palate of dried fruits - cherries, currants, orange peel and then an abundance of christmas cake coming off. A lovely, long, consistant finish which is incredibly graceful." Producer: Quinta da Devesa was included in the first map...
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Calem Vintage Port 1985 75cl
A delicious mature vintage port from this brilliant (and underrated) producer. Rich red berries with some sexy spicy flavours coming out, it builds with chocolate notes and then some brandy hints on the finish. Just lovely.
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Pereira d'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira 2000 75cl
"Burnt Christmas tree on the nose, mint and then a lighter honey aroma coming off. Orange emerges from the palate with some rosemary and mint. A fresh style of Madeira, balancing out the acidity and sweetness perfectly." 91/100 Peter's Points
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Cupano Brunello di Montaclino 2008 75cl
Tasting Note: "A superb mature Brunello from an outstanding producer. Simply perfect." "Dark red, highly perfumed with cherry, wild herbs and menthol. Make sure you decant an hour ahead!" Producer: At Cupano, perched on a beautiful ridge near Camigliano that...
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Pereira d'Oliveira Boal Medium Sweet 1982 75cl
"Celebrating a 40th birthday or anniversary in 2022? This delicious sweet Madeira is perfect for you. Delicious raisinous flavours, marmalade, honey and maple. Outstanding." Country: Portugal | Region: Madeira | Alcohol: 20% | Grapes: Malvasia
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Only 1 leftPereira d'Oliveira Sercial 1981 75cl
"A wonderful 40 year old Madeira to celebrate your 40th birthday or anniversary. Walnuts, orange peel, polished antique wood and old honey on the nose. The palate is orange, grapefruit, smoked salt with sweet pipe tobacco and a superb balanced...
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Arran 1995 Bourbon Private Cask 70cl
From the first year that the Arran distillery produced whisky, this is surely going to become a wonderful collectors item, but is also a very tasty whisky. Only 172 bottles of this whisky were produced.
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