Single Malt Whisky

Scotland's 'water of life' is not all it appears! There is an image of Scotch whisky being small producers in tiny little glens making a rustic, farmyardy product. If only that were true - it is big business, and an industrial one at that.  

Most distilleries are also owned by big corporations so we focus on the smaller guys, the ones that can't plough millions into advertising campaigns and the ones that are not as widely seen.  We also put a particular focus on independent bottlings, whiskies that are released by very reputable companies that don't make the liquid. They give malt lovers the chance to explore the distilleries they love with different age statements, finishes in different barrels and find single malts from distilleries that you don't normally see.

Arran 1995 Bourbon Private Cask 70cl
From the first year that the Arran distillery produced whisky, this is surely going to become a wonderful collectors item, but is also a very tasty whisky. Only 172 bottles of this whisky were produced.
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Only 1 leftBladnoch Samsara 70cl
"Samsara is a combination of eight year old whisky and some older, rarer malts from the Bladnoch distillery. Meaning 'rebirth', Samsara is concentrated with loads of stone fruit, vanilla and orange on the palate. The palate has a lovely, winey, spicy...
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Cu Bochan Signature by Tomatin 70cl
"Sweet, honey, coconut and chocolate on the nose with a treacle, coffee and paprika spice, followed by maple syrup and cinnamon." In Bourbon Barrel, Oloroso Sherry and North American Virgin Oak.
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Only 1 leftGlen Scotia 18 Year Old 70cl
"A whiff of smoke, both pipe tobacco and peaty smoke, and then some tropical fruit, vanilla and raisins and sultanas." Founded in 1832, this distillery is on the Kintyre Peninsula and is one of three operating distilleries in this region...
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Only 1 leftGlen Scotia 25 Year Old 70cl
"A fruit basket of... well, fruit on the nose! Apples, oranges, and then with an earthy note. The palate has a ginger heat and then some shortbread and custart" Founded in 1832, this distillery is on the Kintyre Peninsula and...
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Glenfiddich 18 Year Old 70cl
'Great for experiencing classic rich Glenfiddich whisky with luxurious dried fruit, candy peel and date flavours overlaid with elegant oak notes." Distillery Notes: Our specialist on-site coopers personally look after every precious cask we use for this outstanding 18 year...
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13% offGlengoyne 10 Year Old 70cl

Glengoyne 10 Year Old 70cl

£33.95 £38.95

Fresh green apples, toffee and a hint of nuttiness. This is the taste of distilling slower than anyone else in Scotland, and it is one of the most gentle and elegant whiskies you'll find.
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9% offGlengoyne 12 Year Old 70cl

Glengoyne 12 Year Old 70cl

£38.95 £42.95

91.5 points from Jim Murray So who cares what a critic says? Well you should as with this whisky he is on the nail. A fantastic drop with citrus, coconut and wood on the nose with a cinnamon apple and...
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Gordon & Macphail Ardmore 1996 70cl
Uncoloured and Unfiltered as it should be! Ardmore is known for it's distinctive peaty character unusual for a Highland Malt, and I think one of the hidden gems in Scotland. The distillery is less than 120 years old and it...
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5% offTomatin 12 Year Old 70cl

Tomatin 12 Year Old 70cl

£40.00 £42.00

A great beginners Malt, subtle sherry, some peppery spice and a lot of cashew nuts. The palate is a bit like a toffee apple but with butterscotch instead of the caramel.
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10% offTomatin Legacy 70cl

Tomatin Legacy 70cl

£27.00 £30.00

If you like toasted Marshmallows this is the whisky for you! Lemon drops, vanilla and heather ont he nose with some lovely pineapple and apples on the finish.
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