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So much more than Pinotage!  South Africa is really leaping forwards in its wine making just now.  Rather than focusing on single varietal wines and their own grape, they are embracing the concept of terroir and making wines that suit the earth they have.

This means Rhone and Portuguese reds and a wealth of whites that aren't just Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc, although they are making terribly good wine from these two grapes.  There are also a group of new winemakers establishing their reputations by using old vines and creating their own wines that don't follow conventions set down by those that have gone before.  

South Africa really is a country to watch.

My favourite producers

Alheit Vineyards | Boekenhoutskloof | Blank Bottle | Bryan MacRobert Wines | False Bay | The Great South African Wine Company | The Liberator | Natte Valley | Newton Johnson | Reyneke | Sijnn | Thorne & Daughters