Mendoza is widely seen as the great wine region of Argentina, but there are good wines from Mendoza and great wines from Mendoza.  There are also a lot more regions to Argentina than just Mendoza, but that is all that gets the publicity.  I've selected some of the great producers from Argentina, and hope to build up the range as I believe that this old nation can, and does, produce world leading wines - we just need to find more!

My favourite producers

Casa Montes | Maal Wines | Familia Durigutti | Pablo y Walter

Pablo y Walter Malbec 2018 75cl
A partnership between Paul (pablo) Boutinot and renowned winemaker Walter Bressia is one that is very fruitful (get the pun?). Using 25 year old malbec vines this is a wine with a fairly intense ruby colour, notes of violets and...
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Durigutti Family Winemakers Cara Sucia Cereza 2019 75cl
"Cereza, meaning ‘cherry’, is a pink-skinned variety, which they age in concrete eggs to retain its freshness, creating an elegant, lighter style of red."  Brothers Hector and Pablo are passionate about expressing the characteristics of Argentina’s various terroirs along with...
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