Peter Wood - Head braces wearer & man of many accents

I've been peddling wine in St Andrews since 2001 and during the first decade, I drank very very well. The problem with drinking really nice stuff is that it goes up in price and you can no longer justify it, particularly when you get married and have children! This is why I started the Wine Co, to showcase great affordable wines from small producers, not behemoths!  I don't care about first growths Bordeaux and prestige cuvee Champagne anymore and you won't find them on my shelves. Show me a hidden gem in the Medoc or a grower fizz that kicks ass and I'm thrilled! I also love exploring the lesser known parts of the wine world, and although I do like whisky - a lot - I really love brandy. It is much better value for money!

I'm married to a woman who is far more talented than I am - author Nora Anne Brown - and we live in the East Neuk of Fife with our son and two Basset Hounds.

When I'm not working I'm usually found up to my neck in Lego with my son, cooking or greasing the trunnions on the work van.


Cate Cleary - Christmas (and summer) holiday elf!

I am a language student (Portuguese and Spanish) at Glasgow university but born and bred in East Fife. I like to play a lot of sports including lacrosse and going jogging in my spare time as well as learning how to cook and bake new recipes. My father has been a customer of the St Andrews Wine Company since it started and so I have had the pleasure of being introduced to drinking quality wine (especially Bordeaux and the occasional Italian red) whilst learning about the types of wine and their producers. 

Ben Petrie - Deputy Braces Wearer & Alan Bennett impersonator

I’ve been a dedicated appendage to the Wine Co crew since September 2019, and since then have discovered and nursed a new passion in life. Inspired by Peter’s intoxicating love for port, I began to delve into the world of wine with the aid of his brimming shelves while studying Modern and Art History here in St Andrews. Now after investing a considerable amount of time and money, starting a little podcast on wine and sharing it with friends and family over time, I have decided wine is essential to a happy existence. You’ll notice me in the shop as a cardigan-wearing lover of all bottles form Italy, Burgundy and Portugal, and always up for a little banter.

Sidney Hobbs - Femme de Champagne

I have been a part of the Wine Co. team since 2020, where my passion for food and wine has been carefully nurtured under Peter’s helpful care. Alongside studying International Relations and Modern History at the University, I soon found myself delving into the art and history of wine, and it was not long before I found myself increasingly interested in champagne. My real passion, however, is education, and when I’m at the shop, my favorite part of the day is speaking with the customers, who help me learn more about wine with each passing encounter. You’ll most likely notice me in the shop by my red hair and American accent (a dangerous combination I’ve found in Scotland) and by my inkling to discuss all things Champagne and Italian.



Laura Coffin - Yep, as in the box!

Raised in a wine loving family I wondered into the shop to find a good bottle to share with friends in celebration of thanksgiving and kept going back until on a rainy Valentine’s Day I was offered a job. I’ve be an enthusiastic employee since the fall of 2020. I’ve been able to expand my tasting ability and knowledge under Peter’s keen tutelage. On any given day in the shop I’ll be found reorganising the beer shelf (even though I’m not fond of the drink) and obsessively straightening the wine bottles on the shelves!