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By Allie Hypes

Beneath the grape and beyond the bottle of every wine stand the humans and stories that imbue each drop a life’s taste. Be it the prowess of recognition by chateau or humble decadence of organic fermentation the humanity of wine making is palpable, though so often lost amidst the primacy of imbibing, like so many ancient traditions made daily routine. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the predominant assumption within wine- be it the selling, the tasting, the voices or knowledge we recognise- appears to be male.
Which as we all know is not only a false bias but a product of global socio-cultural nuances that frankly extend beyond the confines of this wine protégée’s pay grade.
The bottom line is this: Women are wine, just like their male counterparts; our stories, sense of taste, and undeniable skill are intrinsically vital to understanding and honouring a trade whose story continues to unfold.
So, this is a fervent and resounding show of acknowledgement and support for giving due credit to the diverse array of stories and humans behind wine, specifically the women at the helm of wines we know and love.
Below is all the wine we sell that owes its existence to the women that craft it. Because at the end of the day, don’t we all?