After 12 years of working for other companies, all selling wines made by big producers, I decided I wanted to bring something new to wine retailing - The Farmers Market for Wine.

Our goal is to showcase all the small, family run companies that make wine with generations of hard work and passion. We want to tell their story and allow you to sample their produce.

I also put an emphasis on helping young, talented wine enthusiasts, eager to get into the wine trade, establish themselves in the trade. Over the years numerous Michelin Star Sommeliers, Wine Buyers, Winemakers, Whisky Producers and even the odd wine retailer have started their career in our little shop, before going on to find their own path in the trade and even establish their own businesses. 

All this contributes to create one of the most fun, friendly and family orientated wine shops that you will ever find - with just the right amount of eccentricity!

Peter Wood

(picture Alessandro Medici, Medici Ermete)