We are a one stop shop for all your wedding and celebration needs. Regardless of the number of guests, all of these options are open to you and we will endeavour to charge as little as possible whilst giving you the best service and products we can.

Wine services

We will work with you to find the right wines for you. Working within your budget and personal tastes, we'll find the perfect choices for you. If you want to have an in person tasting, we can do that, or if you'd rather take bottles home with you and try with family and friends, that is doable too. All wine will be delivered to your venue, and if you request sale or return, we can arrange that too.

Our range is extensive, more than any bar company, because our range is our award winning shop - and then some!

Wine Gift List


Rather than having a gift list for your guests that includes a new toaster (when the one you have is already working perfectly well) why not ask them to create a wine cellar for you? Click here to create your own Wine Wedding List - select the products you wish, and the quantities you want and then share the link for your list with your guests.

We will then collate all the gifts together and deliver them to you after your wedding to a UK address.

Drinks Receptions

We specialise in drinks receptions. As our company ethos is to support small producers, we have the largest range of grower champagnes to choose from, and we are certain that we'll be able to provide a Champagne reception for the price of a Prosecco reception in most hotels and wedding venues.


We can provide a bar for your guests for the evening of your celebration. 

We want to give you value for money, so our entire bar set up, Morris Minor van mobile bar, fridges, freezers, glassware etc are all available to you for free. All we ask is that you pay for the staff and any extra glass hire charges, and then the drinks for the bar, but this means that you are getting high quality products at retail prices, not bar prices.

You only pay for what bottles are opened, and if there is any alcohol left in those bottles, you get to take that home. You only pay for what soft drinks and beers are used.

The result is that we can provide drinks made with premium spirits for the same price, or less, then mass produced spirits.

The only thing we do not provide is a cash bar option.


Morris Minor Mobile Bar

We have a 1971 Morris Minor van which we can convert into a mobile bar. If you would like this unique bar to provide your drinks reception, a Prosecco/Champagne bar, or just parked nearby the bar to enhance a vintage aesthetic, we are happy to provide this for no additional cost. Bars run out of the van are priced in the same way as our normal bars.


We know that our unique way of providing drinks for your celebration will save you money, so before you commit to another company, do get in touch and see what we can provide.