Established in 1965 by Renée and Bruno Sorg in Renée's home town of Ingersheim, but seven years later, moved to Bruno's home town of Eguisheim.  The company became known for making some of the finest, richest and concentrated wines in Alsace, all which have the potential to age.  Putting their 'entry' wines in your cellar for a decade is going to guarantee that you are going to be drinking some outstanding wine in ten years, but even if you can't wait that long, you are still going to get a great drop!

Bruno passed away a couple of years ago, but his son Francois had been working alongside him, so things are continuing as they always had been, and Francois' son is hopefully going to join the firm in the future.  The wine is made from estate fruit, and later in his life, Bruno managed to realise his dream of purchasing a plot of steep 'garrigue' in Grand Cru Pfersigberg.