Jean-Marc Brocard has a strict preference for minimal intervention in the winemaking process and prefers to let the terroir express itself fully through each of his wines. Ever since marrying a vigneron's daughter from St-Bris in 1973, Brocard has been deeply entrenched in the wine culture of Chablis. As a wedding gift, Brocard received a small parcel of vines from his father-in-law, and thus, Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard was born. 

The domaine owns vineyards throughout all parts of Chablis; not only are they allowed to grow Sauvignon Blanc in the tiny commune of Saint-Bris, they have vineyards that are grown on Portlandian, Kimmeridgian, and Jurassic soils. This huge variety allows Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard to create wines of outstanding quality that display just what Chablis can be. 

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