Though now retired, Jean Mongeard was one of the most prominent growers in Burgundy, serving for many years as the President of the Association des Viticulteurs de la Cote d`Or. Jean's son, Vincent, took over the Domaine in 1985 and has done a superb job of following in his father's footsteps. With over 25 hectares, including parcels in the coveted Clos de Veugeot, Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret produces wine with immense depth, rich texture, and great ageing potential. Vincent Mongeard returned to the traditional method of winemaking and has removed filtration from the process. Much of the wine is aged in new French Allier oak that is handpicked by Vincent. However, the oak does not overpower the fruity notes; they are masterfully blended together to create an irreplaceable experience. 

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