Brothers Damon and Jonathan Koerner grew up in Clare Valley and after doing the usual tour around Australia and abroad, they went back home and now produce fruit in the Watervale area, with the fruit mainly coming from their family vineyard, Gullyview, which is owned and managed by their parents. The bold packaging certainly stands out on the shelves so when you try them, and want another bottle, you'll at least be able to find them easily!

Koerner La Korse 2018 75cl
A blend of 50% Sangiovese, 25% Sciaccarello, 15% Grenache and 10% Malbec. Brothers Damon & Jono Koerner first spent many years learning from their parents the art of growing top quality grapes. Their travels around Europe, visiting fellow winemakers in...
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Koerner Watervale Riesling 2019 75cl
"A delicious gentle Riesling from Australia giving you all the citrus flavours that you'd expect with a gentleness and elegance." Damon and Jonahan Koerner make these wines from fruit grown in the Watervale area of the Clare Valley, with most...
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