Luís Pato


The wine region of Bairrada owes much to the namesake of this producer. In 1980, Luís Pato was the first to estate bottle wine with the newly created Bairrada DOC and has fought to protect and improve the region ever since; Pato even went to so far as to label his wine with the wider DOC of Beiras in protest of the changes to the Bairrada designation! Since then, Luís Pato has been at the forefront of both quality and innovation within, not only Bairrada, but all of Portugal. His wine makes a convincing argument for the Baga grape, which can have the structure of Nebbiolo and the elegance of Pinot Noir. Recently, Pato has experimented with making a red wine with white grapes. For any Portuguese enthusiast, Luís Pato is not one to miss!

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