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A Swiss musician, millionaire industrialist and conceptual artist making wine in Mendoza.... I bet you didn't think you would be reading those words in a sentence when you got up this morning!

Dieter Meier is such a man.  This is his CV: Born into a millionaire family, professional poker player, member of the Swiss national golf team, top 10 (UK) selling musician in the band Yello, music video director, conceptional artist, restaurant owner, silk scarf designer, owner of a watch company that makes timepieces out of recycled cans, part time actor and father of four.  He also bought 2200 hectares of land in Mendoza and makes some super wines and rears cattle!

Organically grown grapes in the stony, dry soils of the Agrelo Alto, the Puro wines have a trickle irregation system that uses the waters from the rivers and lakes amongst the vineyards.  Due to the very dry climate, there are no fungal problems in the vineyards so it is very easy to grow grapes organically and take the grapes to full ripeness.