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There has to be a benefit of global warming and English wine is it. Go back 30 years and even the south coast of England was too far north to grow grapes, but Sussex and Kent now have the climate that Champagne had three decades ago, and can now produce great fizz. The lack of full ripeness when picking of the Champagne varietals in England is a benefit as the higher levels of acid make a great sparkling wine. This is, however, a problem for still wines.

You can't use the more well known grapes to make table wine in England as they won't get ripe. As a result, early harvesting wines, usually of German origin, are planted, but they too have a problem. They aren't that great. Occasionally a good wine pokes its head above the rest and is tasty, but mainly they are mediocre at best.  That isn't to say that they won't improve - as the world heats up they will get better, but just now, as a general rule, stick to the fizz!

Chase Elderflower Liqueur 50cl
English springtime in the country is the smell of elderflowers, and this encapsulates it in a bottle. With the base spirit made from the company's potato vodka, this is a great liqueur both neat and in cocktails.
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10% offTomatin Legacy 70cl

Tomatin Legacy 70cl

£27.00 £30.00

If you like toasted Marshmallows this is the whisky for you! Lemon drops, vanilla and heather ont he nose with some lovely pineapple and apples on the finish.
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Sold outWiston Estate Brut NV 75cl
“With the talented Dermot Sugrue at the winemaking helm, West Sussex’s Wiston Estate has surged to the front of the increasingly competitive English fizz pack, this non-vintage blend showcasing a super-dry, incisive, multi-layered house style.” David Williams, The Guardian June...
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Sold outRed Squirrel Gingernut Liqueur 50cl
Some really lovely ginger nut biscuits on the nose followed by firey ginger beer. Hardly a surprise that this tastes of ginger really, but what is the surprise is that you get layers of different ginger flavours. The palate has...
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