Viticultori Associati Canicatti


At the St Andrews Wine Company we are all about small or family run companies, so it takes a pretty special co-operative to make it onto our listing.  The Canicatti co-operative is exactly that.  With over 450 members, double that number of hectares with five dozen different vines, they are a great way of exploring the wonderful diversity that Sicily has to offer.

Their scrupulous quality and growing control means that regional diversity shines through, with parcels being vinified separately and the resulting wine being a true expression of where the grapes were grown.

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Canicatti Centuno Nero d'Avola IGT 2017 75cl
Tasting note: A lovely volcanic wine from Sicily, showing that sulfurous note mixed with big fruit, loads of spice and some dark, earthy elements. Producer: This recently modernised co-operative has its vineyards in the south of Sicily around the town...
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Canicatti La Ferla Inzolia 2018 75cl
Tasting note: Citrus bellows out of the glass - can citrus bellow? Well maybe not, but it does here. A full body withmore of that lemon and pink grapefruit with a delightful crisp finish. Producer: This recently modernised co-operative has...
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