Blank Bottle Rabitsfoot 2017 75cl

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"It’s aromatic, slightly grassy. Softer and more texture on the palate than Semillon. A bit of quince on the aroma, and paw paw, almost mango on the palate, and even white peach."

Baboons are a problem for Alex Starey at Keermont. They come in and wreck the vines, so Alex has cornered off a section of the vineyard for the Baboons in the hope that they won't eat the rest. As a result, these wines get a bunch more hang time on the vines while the Baboons munch away. When they've done and moved on, he lets Pieter Walser of Blank Bottle get access to the remaining grapes and it means you get a really complex Sauvignon that is jam packed full of flavour.