Bodega Nanni Tannat 2021 75cl


Tasting Note

A lot of rich chocolate and tobacco lead the way with a superb darker fruit structure. Ideal with roast game.


In 1885, Pietro Nanni from Rosciolo, a little town in the center of Italy, settles in Cafayate. In 1897, he starts a small family winery and in 1905, he buys Chimpa, a 11,000-hectare-estate, in the privileged Cafayate Valley.

After Pietro’s death in 1935, two of his sons, Benjamín and Pedro Nanni, continue with their father’s legacy and in 1940, they lease the winery for 10 years where The Grapevine and Wine Museum is located nowadays. It was then when they put together their efforts and dedication in order to restore the current Bodega Nanni developing new vineyards at Chimpa, to the east of Cafayate Valley, El Porvenir, in the center of The Valley and Altamira in Yacochuya, to the west.

In 1959, Benjamín Nanni passes away and in 1964 the partnership with his brother Pedro is dissolved. After Benjamin’s demise, Felisa Maróstica de Nanni, his widow, stays in charge of the winery and in 1982, she transfers the winery and the NANNI brand to the her youngest son, José Eduardo, who together with his wife, Zulma Miralpeix, gets fully involved in the winery and develops an innovative project. This project involves the elaboration of organic wines taking advantage of the outstanding natural conditions provided by the particular microclimate of the San José de Chimpa estate.

Nowadays, José Eduardo Junior, Juan Pablo and Jimena, the fourth generation of the Nanni family, feel proud and committed to the legacy handed over to us by our grandparents and we feel a great satisfaction and have a huge responsibility to continue with the family tradition as in our products we not only comprise our wine, but also our last name and all our predecessors. Each NANNI bottle reveals our knowledge and great effort to honor all of those who have been and are part of this: Pietro, Benjamín and Pedro, Felisa, José Eduardo and Zulma, and nowadays, us.

Country: Argentina | Region: Cafayate | Alcohol 14.5% | Grapes: Tannat | Organic