Colli Piacentini Bonelli Ortugo 2020 75cl


Tasting Note

Ortrugo? Ever tried one? Me neither, but this Emilia Romagna grape is delicious. Lemon galore, but with gentle sorbet meeting curd meeting zest. Have some battered fish with this and you're going to be happy. The DNA sequence conducted into 1,148 different grape varieties by the University of Verona in Italy confirms that Ortrugo is a unique vine, indigenous to the Piacenza region. The Trebbia valley is best suited to Ortrugo as the chalky soil favors a well balanced structure and an intense yet elegant aroma. It was granted its own DOC Denominazione di Origine in 2011.


It was Anacleto Bonelli who founded the winery in the mid 40s, right after the war. In what could be defined today as a pioneering move, he built an activity that was extremely thoughtful of the surrounding territory by creating a network of vine growers in the Trebbia Valley and producing a new, distinctive wine, which reflected and valorised the peculiarities of the area: the Trebbianino Val Trebbia, produced with autochthonous grapes. What Anacleto pioneered almost 75 years ago is defined today as sustainability. The activity he started has been flourishing for three generations, and the family still follows his example by working with the same passion and dedication. The control and management of the supply chain, the acquisition of the Due Querce vineyard estate, the continuous investment in new technologies, the boldness of innovating and experimenting with new products: these are the distinctive traits of Cantine Bonelli.

Country: Italy | Region: Emilia Romagna | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Ortugo | Organic