Cantina Vernaccia Corash Cannonau Riserva di Sardegna 2015 75cl


Tasting Note


The Vernaccia Winery was founded in 1953, and today uses state-of-the-art techniques and systems combined with high quality of the grapes to produce wines at the top of the Sardinian wine production. 

They cultivate the grapes with such passion, ability and experience to have become recognised not only nationally but also internationally. The winery is located in the unspoiled Sinis Peninsula, stretching all the way to the sea, ensuring to be surrounded by beautiful sunny beaches. The area is filled with ancient history and is close by to the ruins of the Phoenician city of Tharros and the territory of Giudicato di Arborea. The soil is well-characterised by the sedimentary rocks, limestones and sandstones of this ancient history, which work to enrich the soil with unique saline and mineral components. These soils have proved to be very suitable for viticulture since ancient times, thanks to the balances composition of mineral elements and organic matter and lack of water stagnation, and the climate is typically Mediterranean combined with the proximity of the sea and ponds of Cabras, playing a very important thermoregulatory function . 

Over the years, a landscape of vineyards has been created, mostly dedicated to the cultivation and enhancement of native qualities. This winery combines the winemaking tradition of many small producers with an entrepreneurial structure, aiming to interpret and satisfy the needs of the market.

Country: Italy | Region: Sardinia | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Cannonau (Grenache)