Domaine des Aumones Vouvray Demi-Sec La Fuye 2022 75cl


Tasting Note

Rounder aroma with honeyed fruit, and a nice gentle sweetness running htroughout. Lovely balance, very easy drinking - a real delight.


Benoît Coulon took over the vineyard of retiring vigneron, Philippe Gautier in 2018. What he inherited was 16 hectares of vines, spread over 15 separate parcels on both the premier coteaux and plateau around the village of Rochecorbon, along with a modern warehouse that doubles up as his cellar which is located on an industrial estate, conveniently next to the village carwash. Virtually everything here is machine harvested, something that Benoît remains committed to, despite the complexity of moving machinery around the numerous parcels.

Country: France | Region: Vouvray, Loire | Alcohol: 12.5% | Grapes: Chenin Blanc