Dr H Thanisch Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2018 75cl

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Tasting Note

Such a lovely wine - crisp, dry, lime, lemon and grapefruit notes. A brilliant Riesling that would make a super aperitif or with something like smoked salmon.


The name of this vineyard is inter-twined with the luxurious Riesling wines from Germany's most expensive which wine site: "Berncasteler Doctor".

This name derives from a century-old tale echoing the sublimity of the wines from this site: the Elector Boemund of Trier was struck with an incurable illness and announced that anyone who delivered a cure to him would be rewarded with unimaginable riches. And so, doctors, pharmacists and healers all lined up at his bed, but none succeeded...until a nobleman showed up, handing him a cup of golden wine. Boemund hesitated but finished the wine joyfully and after a few days fully recovered. 

When asked how he wished to be awarded, the nobleman asked that Boemund bestowed upon his wine, which only grows on the mountains of Bernkastel, a proper doctor's degree. Ever since, the vineyard bears the honorable name "Berncasteler Doctor".


The Thanisch family acquired part of the Berncasteler Doctor vineyard in the early 19th century, constantly looking back on a winegrowing tradition of over 375 years. For generations the name "Thanisch" has been synonymous with "luxurious white wines from the Mosel". In the middle of the 19th century the estate gained its international reputation, under the ownership of Dr Hugo Thanisch, and since then Thanisch wines repeatedly obtained great prices at internaitonal auctions.

Since 2008, the estate has been managed by the young and talented winemaker Maximilian F. W. Ferger. During his time at university, Ferger held multiple positions in high ranking wineries and made a name for himself in the world of wine at a young age, and was recruited by the Thanisch estate owners afer his graduation. He has since been carrying the legacy of Germany's most prestigious vineyard Berncasteler Doctor and has been contributing to the site's reputation for over 10 years.

Sustainability and ecologically oriented practices are part of the estate's work principles in adition ot the crafting of top wines with great individuality. The care of the soils and the vines remain vital, conscientiously only producing low yields of fruit with formidable intensity, preferring physiological ripeness over the specific weight of the must, creating superior quality of wines.

Country: Germany | Region: Mosel | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Riesling