Neleman Wine in Books Red 300cl

Neleman Wine in Books Red 300cl


This Bag in Box contains three liters of wine from extremely juicy monastrell and cabernet sauvignon grapes. Can be stored up to 3 weeks after opening.

After his training as a biodynamic farmer, Derrick Neleman ended up on the vineyards in Spain. When he realized how culturally historically important wine is as a binder in a civilization, everything fell into place. Derrick wanted to make the most beautiful wines in optimal cooperation with nature to enable people to experience how beautiful & special life is.

Neleman organic wine is made without the use of pesticides & additives. A healthy & balanced soil yields a richer biodiversity that provides a richer breeding ground for tastier grapes. And taking good care of nature not only serves us with good wine today, but more importantly, with good wine for eternity! Nelemans are careful with the unique grapes, vineyards & nature around them. Planting a tree for every 175 bottles that they produce & always choosing the most sustainable option in their business operations. They choose young artists, designers & architects to make the design of their labels & packaging. 

Family Company - Organic - Vegan - Vegetarian - Sustainable