Oedoria Beaujolais Nouveau 2023 75cl


I'm taking orders now for Beaujolais Nouveau 2023. This is your one chance to get it so order before the 25th September to have your wine available on Beaujolais Nouveau day on the 16th November.

Tasting Note

Here are two alternative tasting notes, one for those that love it and one for those that hate it.

Like it: It is back, embracing all those delightful bright, fresh fruit aromas and flavours, with a light and fluffy palate, slightly reminiscent of candyfloss. Ideal with your thanksgiving turkey or chilling slightly and enjoying as an alternative to white wine on these autumnal November days.

Don't like it: Don your flares, grow your hair and/or moustache and run straight back to the 1970's where everything sucked apart from the music with this barely fermented grape juice that smells of stale bubblegum that came from a vending machine. 

Either way, Beaujolais Nouveau is an experience everyone needs to try once a year and now is your chance to pre-order your wine. It will be available for collection on the 16th November 2023, and if you require shipping, we will dispatch it on the 15th for the 16th, but do be aware, it may arrive one day later.


A cooperative winery formed from the merger of three long-standing wineries in Beaujolais (Cave des Vignerons de Liergues, Cave du Beauvallon de Thieze and Cave des Vignerons du Doury a Letra), Oedoria was created in January 2009 and in June 2018 members of Cave de Gleize joined as well. 300 active cooperative winegrowers, farming more than 1000 hectares of vines spread across all of the Beaujolais de Pierres Dorees area, make up this cooperative. The business has been steadily developing and has paved the way for its future whilst also building on traditional know-how of its cooperative members and the diversity of its terroirs. Each year, Oedoria shows commitment to innovation while still respecting tradition and the principles of cooperation.

It aims to always showcase the excellence of the wines and the intrinsic character of the terroirs while doing its best to preserve the land through integrated and sustainable agriculture. Today most of the vines face south/ southeast on gently sloping hills and strive to reveal the individual character of each terroir. 

In anticipating the changing consumption patterns, Oedoria has a great diversification of production, gradually developing the vine varieties and showing their expertise of 40 years in the production of Beaujolais. The company aims to always keep in mind the principles of sustainability in its approach to its viticultural practices, constantly improving the farming methods and giving an importance to observation and sharing information in order to better prepare for risks and reduce the use of agrochemicals as much as possible, in respect of the land, its vines, its coop members but also its end consumers.

Oedoria has put in place continuous improvement processes to guarantee that consumers will have excellent, safe and healthy products which are respectful of the enviroment and the winegrowers who produce them, earning them the ISO 22000 certification at their site in Thieze in 2014 and in Liergues in 2017. 

Country: France | Region: Beaujolais | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Gamay