Pocas The Coopers Limited Edition 2 x 50cl

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Tasting Note: Two brilliant bottles of single vintage tawny port (a 2006 Colheita) that have been aged in very different ways. One is aged in Barrica, barrels with 550 litre capacity, and has evolved into a vanilla, cocoa note with a high level of oxidisation fiving flavours of hazelnut, balsamic, vanilla and prune. Then the second bottle has been aged in Balseiro, large barrels with a capacity of 15,450 litres, so the wine has very little oxidisation, giving more intense and fruit focused.

This is a tasting pack that I've never seen any producer do before, and shows the wonders of different types of ageing vessel. It is a limited edition and a must for any port buff (I've bought 2!) so grab them while you can.

Producer: Pocas was founded just before the end of the First World War when Manoel Domingues Pocas Jr decided to set up his own port company. Still in family hands, this is a producer of exceptional quality and one you should give a shot.