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The Symington family are of Scottish, English and Portuguese ancestry and for five generations have been in the Douro Valley, and through a maternal line, have links to the wines and vines of the area for fourteen generations.

Over these generations, they have built up over 2000 hectares of land over 27 different estates and it wouldn't be unreasonable to say, have been instrumental in saving the wines of this area from extinction, alongside other small and large producers.

The company is entirely family owned and managed, with Paul, Johnny, Rupert, Dominic and Charles Symington all involved in the day to day running of an impressive quartet of port houses - Graham's, Cockburn's, Dow's and Warres. They also own Quinta do Vesuvio, one of the greatest estates in the Douro and Paul's daughter Charlotte and Rupert's sister Clare work in the UK for the company.