On my old wine blog, every year I would look back at what I've tasted and do a top 5 of my favourite wines of the year. In my reinvigorated blog, it is time to do that again, and here are my top 5 favourite wines of 2015.

Number 5: 2015 Michelini Bros Ji Ji Ji Malbec CO2 Pinot Noir 

Sure, it isn't the best wine I've tried - isn't even close, but it is the most fun. Malbec blended with Pinot Noir and then made like Beaujolais. It is all jasmine aromas, light fruit, smoky tea, just really entertaining. I love it. Buy this wine

Number 4: 2008 Cote Rotie from Jamet

Drunk at the start of 2015, this was full of meaty, charcoal aromas with sweet dark fruit and a spicy, black olive and floral lift on the palate. A beautiful wine from the Rhone. 95pts

Number 3: 1976 Krohn Colheita Port

Rich, raisiny with honey and spiced aromas, followed by a tiny touch of mint. The palate had bitter orange up front, hazelnuts and then cherry coming through. Golden syrup emerges, it has brilliant acidity and balance. 94pts Buy this wine

Number 2: Veuve Clicquot NV, probably from the early 1970's

I'd not tried an old Champagne in years, and this was fabulous. It had lovely old biscuity aromas, slightly overripe peach too and then a palate that was all apples, sherry and amaretti biscuits. Great acidity and really lovely. It reminded me why I love old wine. 90pts

Number 1: 1965 Krohn Vintage Port

Drunk on Christmas day, it was delicious. Sweet up front with toffee, anise and cinnamon, the palate had menthol, boozy spikes and then sweet berries and a clean finish. I was drinking this for three days and it was fabulous. 91pts Buy this wine


Peter Wood