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Adelphi are one of the finest bottlers of rare single cask whiskies in Scotland. They select their barrels of whisky based on rarity and maturity, but most of all, the way the malt tastes. Named after the Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery in the Gorbals of Glasgow, that was built in 1826. The distillery's most famous incident was when one of the washbacks in the distillery collapsed, resulting in a tidal wave of spirit engulfing a neighbouring street! The distillery was demolished in 1968.

In 1993, Jamie Walker, the great grandson of Archibald Walker who bought the distillery in 1890, revived the name as an independent bottler and in 2003, sold the company to Keith Falconer and Donald Houston who, a year later, brought in Alex Bruce who works to build the reputation of the company's whiskies. The most recent development in the company has been the building of a new distillery at Glenbeg, with the first spirit flowing from the Ardnamurchan Distillery in 2014.

These whiskies are exceptionally rare, and we so we never get a lot of them and, from time to time, we may run out of stock. Rest assured, we will get more in!