A 'breakfast whisky'.  Well maybe not for breakfast, but certainly an aperitif.  This delicate Lowland whisky has a lovely sweetness and a really delicate palate - mainly due to it being one of only a handful of Scottish whiskies to be distilled three times.  

Built in 1800, the Auchentoshan distillery is located on the outskirts of Clydebank in Glasgow, nestled next to a major road, a housing estate and a cemetery.  Romantic it isn't, despite the name translating from Gaelic as "the field of the corner" - still I suppose it is an oasis of green in an otherwise grim location!  Rebuilt completely in 1969, the company was sold to Morrison Bowmore in 1984 and a decade later it was taken over by Suntory of Japan.

Auchentoshan is, in my opinion, the best Single Malt from the Lowlands at the moment.  Easy to drink, clean, well balanced and with that touch of sweetness that only adds to its appeal, 'Auchie' is a great malt to start your whisky journey with and one to go back to time and time again.