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Everyone loves an underdog and we have a huge respect for Jose Antonio Sierra, a humble cooper, who dared to dream and through grit and determination made himself part of wine aristocracy. Over 200 years later the Bodega still uses some of the same barrels that the formidable Jose made himself and the wine is still made on the site of his coopers workshop in Jerez.

This winery is so much part of the town that decorative tiles showing the Bodegas history are scattered throughout and are considered protected cultural heritage. ‘One of these images has remained as a sign of identity for the bodega, it depicts a little hare running away from approaching greyhounds and hunters. Like that little hare, running away from conformity and always on the move, the barrel maker, Jose Antonio Sierra, dared to build a legacy. That legacy still remains, thanks to the uncompromising effort of those who always want to achieve their best. 

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