Cavalchina Amadeo


In 1962, the Cavalchina Amadeo estate was the first in the region to label their wine as distinct, Custoza DOC wine rather than as Soave. This helped put both Cavalchina and the Custoza DOC on the map of the wine world. Ever since that moment, Cavalchina Amadeo has been producing wines that are as exciting as they are delicious. The grapes are handpicked and selected for optimal ripeness; they have a preference for low yield and high quality. Due to this emphasis on quality, some vintages have smaller turnouts due to poor weather, but the quality will always remain. 

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14% offCavalchina Bardolino 2019 75cl
Real Bardolino. An earthy, zesty cherry palate with a lively finish. I'm a fan of anythig which comes in with a solid but not overpowering cherry touch and this has done it so well. The wine is grounded by the...
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Cavalchina Amadeo Custoza 2019 75cl
You know how refreshing the cold side of a pillow is? That is exactly what this wine is like. Fresh yet cosy, cool yet silky - a richness comes through with peach flavours, honey and vanilla, but then a clean,...
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