Caves de Sao Joao

Founded in 1920 by Jose, Manual and Albano Costa, they originally sold fine Douro wines and liqueurs. The 1930s saw them change from Douro to Bairrada (do to rules prohibiting the selling of Port outside of Vila Nova de Gaia) and the 1950s saw them grow into the Brazilian and Portuguese colonies in Africa. 

This is when the 'Frei Joao' brand was born, shortly followed by 'Porta dos Cavaleiros' from the Dao. We have access to wonderful older vintages of these wines, so if you fancy exploring Portugal from times gone by, here is your chance!

Sao Domingos Aguardente Vinica Velha 70cl
Tasting Note: "Portugal has produced brandies for many centuries. This brandy is aged in old French oak barrels from the Limousin region for a minimum of 5 years. This gives it an intense colour, aroma and smooth taste. The toast,...
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