Champagne is perhaps the most well known wine, but it isn't known for being wine!  It is known for drinking in celebration, spraying over racing drivers and generally not being appreciated for the wine it is.  Rather than stocking the big brands that blend out the unique character of the different regions of Champagne, I focus on the small growers and producers that showcase these wonderful terroirs.

My favourite producers

Paul Dethune | Veuve Fourny & Fils | Brocard Pierre | De Saint Gall | Hure Freres | Louis Roederer | Robert Moncuit | Gallimard Pere et Fils | Remi Leroy | Jacques Selosse | Billecart Salmon

Only 1 leftJacques Selosse Bout de Clou 75cl
'There is champagne, and then there is Selosse. Anselme, the shy philosopher-winemaker who has made the brand a cult wine, doesn't like rules. He tries things his own way. Substance is made in a solera (like sherry) and gets a...
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