Chateau La Louviere


The first small vineyard was planted on the estate in 1476, and after being donated to a monastic order, it was confiscated by the Assemblee Nationale after the French Revolution. Sold to a Bordeaux winemerchant in 1791, his family owned it for most of the 19th Century. In the early 20th Century, Alfred Bertrand-Taquet, the Mayor of Leognan, ran the property before it went through a period of neglect. Andre Lurton bought the estate in 1965 and it remains with his family to date.

14% offChateau La Louviere Blanc 2006 75cl
"Lurton wanted their whites to go into screwtop but by the 2014 vintage the French market had forced them to abandon this plan. Fortunately the 2006 is in screwcap and is unbelievably fresh for a wine that is over a...
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Chateau La Louviere Blanc 2014 75cl
"Now 100% Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is remarkable, but one to put away for a decade. Light, fresh, clean and elegant, but still awaiting the complexity and depth to emerge, if you fancy a sleeper wine, this is the one...
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20% offChateau La Louviere Rouge 1988 500cl
Refined, aged and yet still with plenty of fresher red fruit, this big bottle of La Louviere is perfect now - just get a bunch of chums around or a very big glass. History of Vignobles Andre Lurton 1953: André...
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