Domaine Chicotot is currently in its eighth generation of the Chicotot family and has recently started focusing on biodynamic practices. By eliminating pesticides and growing grass between their vines, Georges and Pascale Chicotot are doing their part in promoting sustainable agriculture. While this is always nice, it's what is inside the bottle that really counts.

Their vines are between 60-80 years old and are heavily pruned in the winter in order to reduce the yield and increase the intensity. The pigeage is all done by foot and the wine is then fermented in concrete tanks. While the Domaine is centred along the tourist path through Nuit-St-George, the wines they produce are serious and classic. They display vibrant red fruit with mild tannins and considerable structure. What is possibly the best part of Domaine Chicotot's wines are their long, supple finishes that leave you wanting more. 

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