This historic Domaine has been operated by the same family ever since the French Revolution. Despite their storied history, Domaine Comte Armand only owned one vineyard until 1994: the famous monopole, Clos des Epeneaux. While this is certainly a world class wine capable of ageing over half a century, the recent expansions have allowed more accessible wines to be found. 

The current winemaker, Benjamin Laroux, remains committed to traditional techniques as well as biodynamic practices. Over the past decade, he has started plowing the Clos des Epeneaux by horse as opposed to by tractor; Laroux claims the soil becomes much finer when done by horse. Beyond this first-class Pommard, Laroux brings his attention to detail and respect for terroir to the rest of Comte Armand's range, resulting in a collection of wines that are absolutely breathtaking.