If it is indeed true that in Burgundy, wine is not a tradition, but a passion, then the Buisson family is the epitome of a Burgundian Domaine. In 1947, Henri Buisson started to independently bottle and market his wine, aiming for a high quality product rather than the maas-produced wine that was common at the time. After taking over from his father, Gils Buisson promoted tourism within Burgundy, specifically within his village of Saint-Romain. Now run by Henri's grandsons, Franck and Frederick, Domaine Buisson has retained its focus on quality as well as striving to be environmentally friendly; they received their ECOCERT certification in 2009. 

Although it is meticulous, the winemaking process is relatively hands-off. With a mix of organic practices, local yeasts, long maturation periods, and low levels of new oak, Domaine Buisson's wines display tremendous respect for their terroir. Franck and Frederick strive to make wines that taste solely of soil, sun, and grape. Not only are the wines of Domaine Buisson well balanced and expressive, but they offer amazing value as well.