The complicated history of Domaine Hubert Lignier does not detract from the strength of his wines. With a family tragedy in 2004 and a split of the Domaine into two separate entities as a result, Hubert Lignier has not exactly had a simple time with his winemaking. However, just as grapes require stress in order to make great wine, Hubert Lignier has managed to flourish despite the tragedy. Having reclaimed the rest of his vineyards in 2011 and re-establishing the old Domaine, Hubert continues to make wines that are incomparable.

While the fabled Clos de la Roche is a world-class wine, at a world-class price, many of the other wines from Lignier are just as lovely at a fraction of the price.The wines are characterised by incredible structure, finesse, and concentration. For any Burgundy enthusiast, Hubert Lignier is a must-try.