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While the history of the Lafond family and wine dates back to the late 18th Century its modern period can be seen to start with Jean-Pierre Lafond. He was the one who named it Domaine Lafond Roc Epine.

The Roc Epine came from a race horse, Roquepine, a favourite of Jean-Pierre's. In the late 70s Pascal, his son, got involved with the family business and it grew from strength to strength. By 2001 the father and son duo had expanded across the Rhone region, purchasing a vineyard in Chateauneuf. In 2009 they decided that their wine would be organic, a process of conversion began that would take 3 years to finish. They produce some magnificent wines across the board, from their exceedingly tasty Cotes du Rhone to their sublime Chateauneuf, Pascal and his father laid solid foundations on which Jean-Baptiste and Francois Lafond can build.

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