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I love supporting the small producer and you can’t really get much smaller than Andrew Nielsen’s Le Grappin. I’ve stocked his wines for the past three years (every vintage that he has made) and the ONLY criticism is that there aren’t enough bottles available, but that is the point, he is making tiny quantities of exquisite wine!

However, Andrew has foreseen this problem and has launched Du Grappin, a range of wines from Burgundy and Beaujolais that are more every day drinkers.

Andrew has bottled two wines, a Macon-Villages and a Fleurie, in bottle, but he has also embraced alternative packaging and is bottling three wines in 'bagnums' - 1.5litre pouches of wine!

These bagnums are ideal for people who only want a glass rather than a bottle every night or for taking to festivals, sporting events or camping, and thanks to Andrew, you can now get the convenience of bag in box but with wine that you would actually want to drink!