Emiliana Adobe Gewurztraminer 2018 75cl
The nose offers floral aromas of jasmine, lychee, and honey notes. The floral notes reappear on the palate, along with apricot, and mandarin orange. Medium bodied with good concentration and a refreshing ripe fruit finish.
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Edmond Rentz Gewurztraminer 75cl
"Lychee, aromatic spices and a hint of satsuma creeping off the nose, this is a delicious Gewurz that won't break the bank" Founded in 1785, this estate in Zellenberg, Alsace has been passed from father to son ever since. The...
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Bruno Sorg Gewurztraminer 2018 75cl
"I've loved Sorg's wines for years and this is his star in his range. His delicious Gewurz has aromas of lychee, rose water and then a palate of dry chalky flavours, delicate citrus and light spice on the end." The...
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